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Department for Assembly and General Affairs - scope

Datum objave: 14. ožujka 2016.

Administrative Department for Assembly and General Services is responsible for the technical, legal, consulting, administrative and technical tasks relating to the preparation and organization of the Assembly and its working bodies, the preparation and drafting of general and other acts passed by the mayor, the assembly of and its working bodies, professional and administrative work for the governor, the president, vice-presidents and councilors of the Assembly of the County and its working bodies, making, processing and publication of normative acts.
In its scope are legal affairs and giving legal advice and opinions for the purposes of administrative bodies, county and local governments, legal protection, management and custody of the assets of the County, including investment management, conducting administrative proceedings in matters within their competence, conduct second instance administrative proceedings on appeals against first-instance decisions of prominent local government units in the Međimurje County.
The Department makes a proposal of general and individual administrative acts and other labor legal nature for all the employees and officials of the county and care about the human resource management, human resources.
Within the department they propose and introduce information and communication technology, to strengthen the functioning of the bodies of the County, business office management, mail dispatch and management of archives for all the county bodies.
Within the department they also deal with defense affairs, information security, protection and rescue, civil protection and fire service, business persons and assets, perform tasks for the Civil Service Tribunal, and other activities in accordance with law and applicable regulations.

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