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Medjimurje county - history

Datum objave: 14. ožujka 2016.

Archaeological findings confirm that people have lived in this area since the Neolithic. In the Bronze Age, this is an area of the Celts and Panona that are conquered by the Romans at the beginning of the first millennium. Međimurje is, until the collapse of the western part of the Roman Empire, part of the province of Pannonia, and during the great migration Huns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, and finally the Slavs passed through here. In 1096 the Zagreb diocese is founded and Međimurje becomes part of it. With Croatian joining a union with Hungary, the people of Međimurje share the fate of the rest of Croatia, with the difference Hungarians considered Međimurje as part of Hungary. Interestingly, the Turks, although they conquered Hungary, never conquered Međimurje. A noble Zrinski family have a huge role in this.
With the disappearance of the Turkish threat, reconstruction and development begins, but Hungarian influenece is also enhanced. Upon completion of the First World War, the people of Međimurje at the big national assembly on the 9th of January 1919, decide that their future will be shared exclusively with the rest of the Croatian people. Since then, excluding the Hungarian occupation in World War II, Međimurje has been part of Croatia. In 1993, after the territorial reorganization, the then Municipality of Čakovec becomes Međimurje, which democratic and free Croatian state recognizes as the historical, geographical, economic and administrative uniqueness of this part of our beautiful country.

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