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Departmenf of health, social security and national minorities

Datum objave: 14. ožujka 2016.
  • performs administrative and professional tasks in the field of health care, public health, social protection and national minorities
  • monitors and supervises the operation of health institutions and social welfare institutions over which it has founding rights
  • proposes programs and measures to improve the business of health care institutions and social welfare institutions
  • prepares reports on their work to the competent authorities
  • carries out financial and administrative tasks related to decentralized means of institutions established by the County
  • proposes programs and measures for the population in order to achieve a higher standard of health care and social welfare and life of national minorities
  • coordinates the work of the organizations in the field of health care, social welfare and national minorities and planning resources and carries out procedures for co-financing of their programs that are of interest for the County
  • supervises the granting of concessions for public health services
  • performs monitoring of the concessionaires in the public health services
  • determines the conditions of social welfare institutions for the provision of care to elderly and disabled persons, in accordance with the law and the authorization to provide the same
  • implements projects co-financed from EU funds and state bodies
  • organizes events related to health care, social welfare and national minorities, which are of particular importance for the County
  • cooperates with associations, other legal persons and bodies established in the areas of competence of the Department
  • performs professional and administrative tasks related to the Council of National Minorities, Youth Council of Međimurje County coroner's work, the Commission for Protection of Patients' Rights and the Foundation for Prevention
  • decisions in administrative matters in the first instance, in accordance with special regulations
  • considers applications and complaints of citizens
  • follows the regulations relating to the scope and area of work of the Department
  • performs other jobs when regulated by special law, other rules, an act by the County assembly or the Prefect
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