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Department of Economic Affairs - scope

Datum objave: 14. ožujka 2016.

Department of economic affairs is responsible for the professional and administrative activities in the field of the economy (trade, medium and small enterprises), European affairs and international cooperation, agriculture, energy, transport and tourism.
We can highlight the development of analysis of economic trends, drafting of sustainable economic development in collaboration with the cities and municipalities,
preparation of procedures for the award of concessions from its scope of work, the collection and distribution of information on potential sources of funding county programs and projects and programs of cities and municipalities, companies and institutions that the County founded, and the organization providing professional support to the organization of economic events, promotions and exhibitions, performance of the program implementation of credit lines for the promotion of entrepreneurship, the performance of advisory and professional tasks of international and inter-county cooperation, and encouraging the development of cross-border and interregional cooperation with local governments and other county entities,
The Department also carries out cooperation on the implementation of international programs, coordination and providing assistance to municipalities and cities during registration on national and international projects, work preparation and processing of proposals and other strategic programming and planning documents of importance for regional development and development of the county, proposing the implementation of agricultural development measures policy at the county level, agricultural policy measures and improvement of agricultural land and takes care of their implementation.
The Department proposes measures and consolidation of agricultural land, providing technical assistance in the implementation of infrastructure works in order to better workability of agricultural land, proposing and implementing measures of institutional support to agricultural production, encouraging and providing technical assistance to the connections established farmers, proposing and implementing measures of improving hunting economy and management of the hunting grounds, cooperation with hunting and fishing associations in order to develop the economy of hunting and hunting tourism.
They have the authority and decisions in administrative proceedings related to hunting, to exercise the organization and monitoring of the activities in water management and water distribution, performance of work to advance the development of the continental tourism offer in the county, and in this regard the sourcing of new ways of financing tourist offer, cooperation with organizations, agencies, tourist boards and offices as well as other legal persons whose activities in the field of labor administrative departments, cooperation in achieving transport links with cities and municipalities in the county, and performs line and special line passenger transport in public road transport, resolves in the first instance in the administrative procedure in the field of line and special line transport of passengers in public transport and other administrative and professional tasks are special regulations under the jurisdiction of the county, and they refer to carry out the responsibilities of the Administrative Department.
As a separate organizational unit within the administrative department for economic activities are organized:
- Department of Economy,
- Department of Agriculture and Tourism,
- Department of European Affairs, International Cooperation and Regional Development.

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